The most innovative airplane travel accessory you've never seen!

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your support! We created this page build our list of excited supporters and travelers who want to help us launch through our crowdfunding campaign kicking off in the coming weeks. Thank you again for your support in submitting your email. We'll update you soon via email with a subject line like "Sip n' Clip Crowdfunding Update" 


No more crushing your coffee or drink in the seatback pocket, wedging it in your lap, or sticking it between your feet on the "less than clean" floor! Sip n' Clip is a hands-free drink holder that creates more leg room by keeping that tray table up and out of your way!


An amazing heads-up display for your in flight entertainment! No more holding your phone in your hand or trying to create some weird contraption to balance, hang, levitate your phone!


To quote the Missy Elliott, just "flip it and reverse it" when you're out on the town, at the airport bar before your flight, or at home cooking a delicious meal. Sip n' Clip makes for a handy kickstand to read, watch movies, or facetime your friends or family!

Pssst... legal stuff...please only drink alcohol if you're of legal age. Please drink responsibly.


On a roundtrip? Taking a rideshare to or from the airport? On a bus, plane, or train? Flip your Sip n' Clip and slip it over the top of the seatback pocket and see how it holds your drink while your thumbs dance away on your social media! 


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Thank you so much for taking time to visit this page and learn more about my invention Sip n' Clip. I'm the type of person who rarely asks for help. Not because I think I know it all or because I'm too proud. I just figure if I make a plan, do my research, and work hard I can hopefully figure it out. This time it's different. This time I know I need help and I am asking everyone I know, and everyone I don't for help. This journey has taken two years longer than I had anticipated, and as I gear up to bring this product to market, I understand I am sure to fail without your support, purchase, and advocacy across your own network of family, friends, and colleagues. I know it takes a lot to recommend a product or something new to someone else, especially something you have not yet been able to experience for yourself. I hope that you will be as excited about Sip n' Clip as I am, and share what we're doing with your community. Thank you again so very much for your time and support. Come find me on LinkedIn or Instagram. I'd love to connect and happy to share more about my journey and the things I've learned along the way. Seth from Sip n' Clip 

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